Pack-a-Day Smokers Declining

In health on March 20, 2011 by quriasw Tagged: , ,

Fewer U.S. adults aresmoking, and those who do smoke are on average smoking less, according to a new study in theJournal of the American Medical Association.

Smoking rates in the U.S. have dropped dramatically over the past several decades, falling from 40% in 1965 to about 20% in 2006. Much of that decline is due to a disproportionate decrease in the number of people who smoke at least a pack a day, the study found.

In 1965, 56% of all adult smokers consumed 20 cigarettes or more per day. By 2007, that figure had fallen to 41%. In California, which has a history of unusually aggressive antismoking programs, the decrease was even larger: Only 23% of all smokers smoked at least a pack a day in 2007, according to the study, which mined data from two long-running government surveys.




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