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Pack-a-Day Smokers Declining

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Fewer U.S. adults aresmoking, and those who do smoke are on average smoking less, according to a new study in theJournal of the American Medical Association. Read More »



Fast Walkers May Have More Years Ahead of Them

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Simply measuring how fast older people walk may provide a glimpse into how many years they have left.
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Distracted Dining May Double Calorie Intake

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Between texting, “liking,” and tweeting—and everything else we do to keep our minds off what we’re supposed to be doing—it’s not surprising that the American multitasking lifestyle is wreaking havoc on our diets and waistlines. Read More »


CNN: “Two little words signal big financial move?”

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London (CNN) – The text of the European Central Bank statement last week ran to more than one thousand words but only two of them were significant: “Strong Vigilance.” Read More »